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Learning to design a fair and sustainable society in EDE Damanhur

Veljko Armano Linta shares his experience of creating a harmonious and creative sub-community during the Ecovillage Design Education programme in Damanhur, Italy.
11th October 2018/by Ginny Gegg

Renewable Energies for Sustainable Development in support of the IPCC report

Timely launch of e-course Renewable Energies for Sustainable Development, following the IPCC “Global Warming of 1.5°C” special report released yesterday.
9th October 2018/by Ginny Gegg

A Regenerative Design Approach to the Migration Flow

Courage Chocolate, developed, handmade and packed by young women migrants arriving in Sicily, have been sold out at Lush Showcase 2018 in Manchester over the weekend.
25th September 2018/by Ginny Gegg

Why do we need whole systems design skills? by Daniel Wahl

The GEDS is a foundational training for people who want to play an active part in the Regeneration rising, offering a systemic overview of the complexity of interrelated factors and issues in regenerative development.
21st September 2018/by Ginny Gegg

Objectifs de Développement Durable: le Manuel du Multiplicateur est disponible en français !

Afin de participer à la mise en oeuvre des Objectifs de Développement Durable, Gaia Education a développé une formation, des fiches mémoire et un manuel du multiplicateur.
20th September 2018/by Ginny Gegg

Gaia Trust founder, Ross Jackson, 80th birthday

Ross’ recognition of the ways in which our lives connect with like-minded others ennobles and gives meaning to the everyday experience of our ecovillage creations.
15th September 2018/by Ginny Gegg
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