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A Field Report from Darabkola EDE

In December 2017 the first week of the Ecovillage Design Education course in Iran took place in the village of Darabkola. This report is a summary of experiences and learnings, with reflections for the future growth of EDEs and the path of sustainable living for the citizens of Iran.
22nd February 2018/by Ginny Gegg

My ToT Thailand Experience

Mariana Koutaka participated in the Gaia Education ToT in Thailand in 2018. She reflects on her experience in this short article.
16th February 2018/by Ginny Gegg

Participatory Learning – a Bridge to the Future

Participatory Learning is an alternative educational approach that teaches participants the true meaning of “leadership.” They experience the learning both through process and content, realising their potential and becoming empowered themselves.
15th February 2018/by Ginny Gegg

How the UK is performing on the UN Sustainable Development Goals

UKSSD decided to carry out an assessment of the UK’s performance against the SDGs because the UK is lacking a comprehensive plan of action for how they will be achieved by 2030.
7th February 2018/by Ginny Gegg

5 Ways for Social Innovators to Use the Power of the SDGs

Here are 5 ways that can help you unlock the power of the SDGs to propel your social innovation to greater and more widely shared prosperity for all by 2030.
5th February 2018/by Ginny Gegg

Life’s economy is primarily based on collaborative rather than competitive advantage

An excerpt from the Economic Design dimension of Gaia Education’s online course Design for Sustainability, by Daniel Christian Wahl.
2nd February 2018/by Ginny Gegg
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