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Costa Rica Regenerative Development Hub Partnership

The Regenerative Development Hub of Costa Rica is part of a network of Regenerative Development efforts at the local, bioregional and global levels, created to facilitate large scale interventions through social empowerment.
13th August 2018/by Ginny Gegg

Leaving no one behind: are we succeeding?

The annual UN High-Level Political Forum has a unique role in reviewing progress, defining policies and flagging priorities at national, regional and global levels for implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
26th July 2018/by Ginny Gegg

SDG7 at the HLPF: Renewable Energies Driving Change

Renewables now provide 30% of UK’s electricity. Kenya has increased national access to energy from 27% in 2013 to 71%. May East reports on the progress of the SDG7 from SDG Learning Event at UN Headquarters.
23rd July 2018/by Pedro Pedrosa

The SDGs Flashcards are now available in Russian!

6 languages available! The SDG Flashcards, together with the SDG Multipliers Handbook, will support you, your organisation, community or city in the process of making the Global Goals your local goals.
18th July 2018/by Ginny Gegg

SDG12 at the HLPF: Glocalised Adoption of Circular Economy

For many of the EU Countries, SDG 12 will be one of the hardest to achieve as it speaks to the need for transformative change in the ways we produce, consume and generally live our lives.
17th July 2018/by Ginny Gegg

Water Update at the High Level Political Forum

The first afternoon of the HLPF presented the SDG 6 Synthesis Report 2018 on Water and Sanitation. The session reviewed the implementation of SDG 6, which includes eight targets that are universally applicable and aspirational.
11th July 2018/by Ginny Gegg
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