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Training of Trainers Thailand


 23 February to 4 March 2017, Facilitated by May East, Pracha Hutanuwatr, Jane Rasbash
Bor Nok, Prachuap, Thailand
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Gaia Education Training of Trainers (ToT) course is answering an international demand for more well-qualified educators and facilitators who are able to conduct our Face-to-Face and Project-Based Learning programmes taking place in 43 countries. Recently, Gaia Education has joined forces with UNESCO Global Action Programme Priority Area 5- Accelerating Change at Local Level. We are embarking on a path of expansion that calls for qualified trainers who can build capacity for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals at local level.

Gaia Education certified facilitators and trainers will be equipped with the skills and methodologies to facilitate transformative learning environments and host multi-stakeholder conversations that enable collaborative action. The aim of the Training of Trainers is first and foremost, to help you deepen your experience in how to teach, facilitate and train people by enabling collaboration and participation among a community of learners. In addition, we support and hope to inspire you with what you may want to teach and most importantly, with why this kind of education is so critically important for the future of life on Earth.



Learning Outcomes


During the Training of Trainers, the participants will:

  • Develop core skills of participatory facilitation and learning
  • Gain confidence in holding groups and building resilient learning communities
  • Facilitate students engagement in critical thinking, problem solving and decision making in contexts that are personally relevant to them
  • Decode UN conventions from concept into transformative action
  • Unleash the creativity inherent in edge work



Course Content


Our new Gaia Education Training of Trainers is built upon these three pillars:

Sustainable Development Goals- Negotiating Tensions between Global and Local

The world is marked by a strong and creative tension. It is a tension between what is global and what is local. The global face is powerful, and seeking to be more so. But a tide is rising, steadily reinforcing the local resulting in an increasing 'Glocalisation' as the global and local converge. This module will teach edge workers and facilitators how to navigate between the two spheres in language, ethics and implementation. It will support participants to decode relevant UN conventions into meaningful frameworks for transformative action at the local level. Topics include: SDGs vertical integration, UNESCO Global Action Programme Priorities Areas, as well as, how to translate global Climate Agreements into action and behaviour and life style changes.

Facilitating Participatory Learning Journeys

The aim of this module is for facilitators to gain the necessary skills and confidence to teach the four dimensions of sustainability in ways that support participants to empower themselves both inwardly and outwardly. These future facilitators will be expected to have knowledge in the areas they plan to teach and this module will prepare them to teach this material in a way that builds a learning community and draws deeply from the group they are working with. Participants will ride a dynamic balance of meditation practice, experimenting with facilitation and clarifying principles to go through a holistic educational experience. There will also be ample time for facilitation practice where all participants will gain confidence in using participatory learning tools by taking the lead in assigned sessions.

Deepening the Edge Work

The edge is the meeting point between the known and the unknown, between something being too well known - which makes it boring to us, and too unknown - which makes it confusing. The edge is a zone of high intensity, instability, creativity and innovation. Just as it is possible, through the design of ecological sustainable systems, to increase diversity and life by maximizing the edges between neighboring biological communities, so it is possible to create a larger edge effect in community development thereby maximising its benefit to the society as a whole. This module will position Gaia Trainers as maximisers of edges between different communities with differing modes of operation, power structures, cultures, physical environments, and worldviews. It will equip trainers with the skillful means to adapt to multiple scenarios and situations and ultimately thrive and help others thrive through creativity and playing for collaborative advantage.



What You Will Receive


  • Full tutorial support to go through the course and achieve all the learning outcomes
  • Expanded Teachers’ Manual (digital)
  • Gaia Youth Activities Guide (digital)
  • Completion of Course Certificate
  • Additional discount if taking GEDS online courses
  • A pathway to joining the Gaia Education Certificated Trainers' Roster
  • Fast-track Face-to-Face course certification



Application Process


To get the best learning experience from the ToT, you have ideally had completed a Face-to-Face Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) and/or a Gaia Education Design for Sustainability (GEDS) online course and should have significant experience in the dimension/s you would like to teach in.

Please note that the Gaia Education ToT is part of a Learning Journey to become a certified Gaia Education trainer.
The minimum requirement to be certified is to complete:

  1. Face-to-Face EDE
  2. GEDS e-learning programme in the area you want to teach
  3. Gaia Education Training of Trainers

An interview during the Gaia Education ToT will ascertain suitability to be certified and included on the Gaia Education Roster of Trainers or specify additional steps required to fufill this.



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Investment and Location


thaitot2 webThe price for the 10-day residential programme is US$1000/£815, including

  • all tuition
  • training manual
  • simple board
  • accommodation

Part bursaries may be available for social activists from Global South.

The Venue: Bor Nok is a small, simple resort by the sea in Prachuap, Thailand. It is situated around 50 kilometers west of Huahin. The owner of Bor Nok is a social activist and long involved in a successful protest against a nearby coal fired power plant and consumer protection for local fishermen.





Our Training of Trainers course is content rich, action-based, and lead by our most experienced facilitators. Click on names to read more.

The ToT in Thailand will be facilitated by trainers that have decades of experience in their role as facilitators of positive change.

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Cancellation Policy

For more information please contact:
Gaia Education – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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