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"In Sicily we have all the resources, both human and environmental, as well as a long and intimate relationship with the land, representing the prerequisite for the creation of a new economic model based on sustainability and social inclusion." Paolo Guarnaccia

Paolo is a Researcher at the Department of Agriculture, Food Science and Environment at the University of Catania where he teaches Organic Agriculture and Agroecology. His research activity, partly documented by more than 50 scientific papers, is mainly related with crop physiology, sustainability of cropping systems in the Mediterranean environment and agroecology with particular attention to biodiversity maintenance and soil fertility enhancement. He is a member of Italian Society for Agronomy (SIA) and European Society for Agronomy (ESA).

He has served as president of ‘AIAB Sicilia’ (Italian Association for Organic Agriculture), founder and first president of ‘Rifiuti Zero Sicilia’ (Zero Waste Sicily), founder and member of the executive board of ’ViviSimeto’ and ‘Rete Fattorie Sociali Sicilia’ (Sicilian Social Farms Network) associations, founder and scientific coordinator of Simenza association (Cumpagnia Siciliana Sementi Contadine).


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