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Course Format: Online
Starting 8 May 2017 Duration of course: 8 weeks Fee: £297
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Worldview follows design, and design follows worldview!

By learning to make our worldview and value system explicit and by acknowledging and integrating multiple perspectives we can co-design a world that works for all.

The converging crises humanity is facing are in fact one single interconnected crisis - “a crisis of perception” (Fritjof Capra). This means that any attempt to leverage transformational change towards a more sustainable and regenerative human presence on Earth will have to pay special attention to the worldviews, basic assumptions, value systems and habits of thought that inform our actions and therefore how and what we design.

Do you want to understand which basic assumptions lie at the heart of our crisis of perception?

Do you want to be inspired to try on other perspectives and worldviews for size, and see how the world changes as you change perspective?

Do you want to reflect on your own practice and learn how effective change agents and evolutionary activists ground their practice in inner listening, an attitude of service, and by reconnecting with nature as a source of insight and strength?

Do you want to explore how a holistic understanding of health can inform designs that increase the health and vitality of individuals and communities by strengthening the health and resilience of the ecosystems and bioregions they inhabit?

Do you want to learn about effective methods to facilitate multi-stakeholder dialogues and co-create inspiring visions for your business, your community, your bioregion?

This and much more awaits the community of learners who have signed up for the Worldview Dimension of Gaia Education’s Sky programme in Design for Sustainability. Will you join us to share your own learning with this global community of local agents of change?


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