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Programme Description

Ecovillage Design Education conducted at Siddharth Village, Odisha, India is a transforming experience. The course is designed with EDE mandala as base, integrating the ‘Worldview', 'Social', 'Economic' and 'Ecology' dimensions. 'Worldview' and 'Social' dimensions are process-oriented. They set a stage for questioning long held perspectives about life, oneself and the world around. This in turn may lead to experiencing changes 'here and now'. Relaxation and meditation techniques, exercises to manifest desires and so forth facilitate participants to experience the incredible connection between mind and matter/body, mind and energy systems. All this happens in an appropriate and relaxed pace. Conflict transformation in the Social Dimension is learnt in experiential. Participants will have an opportunity to live in an ecovillage of indegenous people and imbibe their wisdom. Permaculture in the Ecological Dimension of the course integrated with above mentioned dimensions is highly practical, equipping one with the knowledge, skill and appropriate attitude. Fun is a part of the course but learning takes place in depth. Set in an ambience of simplistic luxury, the course is a treasure house of the wisdom of East.


Programme Details

Training dates: 7 Feb to 4 Mar 2017
Course language: English
Website: THREAD Siddharthvillage
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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